One body, one head and two fingers, 2017

Material: cotton
Dimensions: 220 x 70 cm
Technique:  Plain weave 
Handyed with Natural dyes
Rubia tinctorum,  Curcuma longa, 
Juglans nigra, Indigofera tinctoria

6 women sit around a table
Down on their knees
Different leg positions
All comfortable with their hair tuck into a scarf
And long colorful dresses
6 right hands bring food to 6 wide open mouths
Food falls off from less experienced fingers
The sun is way too high
Setting the right tone for the meal
Under a shadow, there are no men
Just left hands resting on laps
At round tables they lose their purpose
I tap mine against my chest
My name comes out
Strange name
They wonder
6 hands tap their own chest
One by one
Name after name
Everyone laughs
In circles.