What was left of you, 2015 (ongoing)

Material: cotton, polyester
Dimensions: diverse
Technique:  Unravel

To be rewoven together

“What was left of you” arises from the will to understand what belonging to a place actually means. It started as a quest around the notions of home. Home, as the train where you sleep, the sofa of a friend, the garden of a neighbour or the house on wheels where you decided to live. Homes can be quite temporary and disposable, especially when borders are drawn and people maintain the need to move.

From encounters with nomadic people arises a collection of personal stories, garments and textiles, carefully stored for some years as fragments of someone’s home. A sock, a t-shirt, a blanket turned into precious pieces of tactile memories. Each garment was a means to tell a story through something left behind. To unravel, spin and weave every single thread of what a garment once was, is to ultimately join fragments of stories into a whole. To remake and repurpose garments once significant on past lives is a way to bring these nomadic people together, creating a memorial of what once was their home.